Company Philosophy:

Ø  Deutsche Telekom, German parent company of T-mobile, has policy against installing towers near dairy cows in its home country recognizing the detrimental effects on cows.  They don’t want the local milk or meat affected.  Installation of cell towers near German children is unthinkable.

Business activity:

Ø  T-mobile entered into merger negotiations with AT+T, who can’t erect new towers fast enough themselves and is anxious to launch their 4G network. http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/mobile/03/21/att.buys.tmobile.mashable/index.html

Ø  T-mobile began contacting schools across America to sidestep zoning issues in residential areas.  Heretofore, telecommunications companies only had access to commercial properties to install towers.

Ø  The United States DOJ has filed to block the merger between T-mobile and AT&T


Ø  AT&T has pulled out of the deal to acquire T-mobile

Local Actions:

Ø  T-mobile begins negotiations with DeKalb county Board of Education to install towers on school properties.

                        o   3/26/13 Directed construction activity at Margaret Harris Comprehensive School.  No work was performed.      The company did not have a permit.

Ø  DeKalb Board of Education

o   Early in 2011, approximately 3 DCSS board meetings ensue with much debate.  Note, this topic originated from the financial committee of the board.

o   May 2011 - Notice is given that informational meetings will be held at local schools without including the specific purpose of those meetings.  Two unknown individuals came to the meeting held at Briarlake ES.

o   July 11, 2011, after a poor showing at all but one school meeting, and after heated opposition from 2 board members, DCSS BOE voted to enter into an agreement to lease land to T-mobile for cell towers at 9 schools.

o   Appeals to the BOE are met with silence or insistence that the contract is signed and “done.”

o   Open records act produced information on 12/12/11 that the BOE signed a lease contract with T-mobile no earlier than 12/8/11.  This is in direct contrast to their insistence for the previous FIVE months that this was a "done deal."  

o   November 2012 3 new BOE members are elected.  This removed one member of the board the championed the cell tower contract

o   Much investigation, complaints from citizens, and threat of loss of accreditation by SACS, led to Governor Deal to remove the remaining incumbent board members.

o   Governor Deal appoints 6 new board members to work with the newly elected three.  Hope begins that these individuals will support the citizens of DeKalb.

Ø  DeKalb Board of Commissioners

o   T-mobile's next step is to apply for a permit to the Dekalb Office of Planning and Sustainability.

o   3/27/12 The BOC wrote a letter to the CEO requesting the cell tower permits be denied.

o   3/26/13 Commissioners Rader and Boyer take action to prevent construction without a permit at Margaret Harris.

Ø  Community hands - what you can do

o   Community Awareness and Education is ongoing and started in the Briarlake area in late July 2011, make sure your neighbors know that while we've had some substantial victories, the contract is still in place with T-mobile.

o   Contact your leadership:  DeKalb CEO and DCSS BOE, see Who to Contact Today

o  Keep up the conversation with this website, Facebook/Nobriarlaketower, and Twitter

o  Stay current with the business of the DeKalb BOE, they need to hear from you

o  Get out and Vote!  We campaigned against the board member for our district that was pro cell tower and we WON! 

o  See our page What you can do today.

Ø  Organization

o   Website is formed http://www.nobriarlaketower.org/ around November 2011

o   Flyers are distributed http://www.nobriarlaketower.org/files ~11/2011

o   No Briarlake Tower(NBT) is founded 12/2011

o NBT has spoken at many BOE and BOC meetings, see the Updates page

Ø  Legislation

o   Cell tower non-binding referendum is placed on July 31st, 2012 ballot.  Results show that public does NOT want cell towers on school property. http://crossroadsnews.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Cell+tower+vote+to+be+on+July+31+ballot%20&id=19153951

o   The DeKalb Delegation has advised against placing towers on school property.